!WakeUp is a Wake On LAN (WOL) programme. That is, it enables your RISC OS computer to send "magic packets" to wake up compatible computers on the same LAN. It will not wake any native RISC OS computer up; none so far made supports WOL.

!WakeUp can send ordinary "magic packets". It should also be able to send "magic packets" with SecureOn passwords for those computers that need it, but this feature hasn't been tested yet as I don't have access to such a computer. I would, of course, appreciate feedback from any user who is able to try it out.

Although !WakeUp sends "magic packets", it doesn't have magic powers! It will only wake up computers if all the necessary conditions are fulfilled. The computers must support WOL, must be on the same LAN (you can't normally wake up computers at the far end of a VPN, or somewhere else on the Internet), they must have an auxiliary power supply that is powered up, they must have a WOL cable from the NIC to the motherboard (unless they are particularly recent and have the connection via the PCI bus - at time of writing, not many do), and they must have WOL enabled in the BIOS and possibly the OS too.

!WakeUp is believed to be compatible with Iyonix and RISC OS versions 3 to 5.

!WakeUp is released under the GNU GPL.

To set up !WakeUp, you are strongly recommended to use StrongHelp. You should find the current version of StrongHelp here.


You can download !WakeUp here.

Revision history

0.05 2004 January 23 First version on general release

0.06 2012 August 27 Contact details and StrongHelp link updated

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