RCTank is a driver for the "Executive Mayhem" USB Radio Control Tank Missile Launcher. It will run on any of the RISC OS USB stacks.

Copyright © 2012 Dave Higton

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by e-mail as dave@davehigton.me.uk, or

by snail-mail at 13 Graham Drive, Disley, Stockport, SK12 2JJ, United Kingdom.


This application is intended to drive a USB Tank Missile Launcher. This has a USB Vendor ID of 1017 and a Device ID of 0230.


This application should work on an Iyonix, a Risc PC with a UNIPod, a Risc PC with a Simtec USB podule, or a Risc PC with a Castle USB podule. It may also work on an A9Home, I haven't tested it - but please let me know if you do try, whether you succeed or fail to get it to work.

Copy the !RCTank application into a convenient location. I recommend the $.Apps directory.

If you have a UNIPod or a Simtec USB podule, and you wish the application to start up when you plug the dongle in, then you should also copy the !1017-0230 pseudo-app to the !USB.DevDriver.!03-00-00U directory, whose full path is probably $.!Boot.Resources.!USB.DevDriver.!03-00-00U To make this easier, there is an Obey file called OpenUKDev in the archive. Double-click on OpenUKDev and, if the directory has been "seen", it will be opened for you. Don't bother even trying this if you don't have a UNIPod or Simtec USB podule, as you don't need the !1017-0230 app, you don't have the directory to put it in, and double-clicking the OpenUKDev obey file will just give an error message "File name '.^' not recognised".

That should be it.


The app should run automatically when a tank's USB dongle is plugged in. If not, just double click on the !RCTank application. The main window, with the controls, should open.

Clicking on one of the arrowed icons should make the tank move in that direction. Releasing the mouse button will stop the tank. Dragging the mouse over another icon will change the tank's direction. The raise, lower and FIRE icons should be self-explanatory.

The tank has some links underneath, which can be all left open ("single player"), or one of them ("1", "2", "3" or "4") linked. To make the transmitter send the correct commands, use the "Tank ID" menu option. The choice is saved for next time the programme runs, on condition that there is a writable Choices path (there usually is).

I've found that the tank tends to shed its tracks when turning on a carpet surface. Maybe wood or tiles are better; I don't know.


There are some niceties that I haven't got sorted out yet.

I have occasionally had the app crash a Risc PC. I don't yet know why. I recommend that you save all work and quit any unnecessary applications before running this app, just to be on the safe side.

If you're using the Iyonix or Castle podule, you may occasionally see an error message and the app stop working. If that happens, unplug and re-plug the USB connector.

If you're using the Simtec stack, quitting the application from the menu and re-running will not work. I haven't found all the things that I have to deallocate. Just unplug and re-plug the USB dongle.

Also, if you're using the Simtec stack, the application may well not work at all unless you *rmkill or *unplug the usb_hidinput module, which would stop all USB HID input devices you have from working, e.g. keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, and therefore you can only do if you don't use any such thing.

You can download RCTank here.

Revision history

0.01 2009 August 30 First issue

0.02 2012 September 2 Contact details updated

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