!Missile is an application to control a USB Missile Launcher. It will run on a Castle USB stack (either an Iyonix or a RISC OS machine with a Castle USB expansion card), or a Simtec USB stack (either a Unipod or a Simtec USB expansion card). However, you may find that it doesn't work on an A9Home.

Note that there are (at time of writing) two different and incompatible missile launchers available. My application will only control the grey one with white rounded-end missiles, like you see at http://www.gadgets.co.uk/item/USBMISSILE/USB-Missile-Rocket-Launcher.html The other one, that my programme won't control, is like you see at http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/8a0f/ So please make sure you get the right one.

The "correct" type of USB missile launcher in fact comes in (at least) two different versions, which have entirely different control protocols. !Missile can control types with USB Vendor/Product IDs of 1130:0202 or 0416:9391. If you discover yet another incompatible type, please contact me!

The Castle and Simtec USB stackes are well known to be incompatible. !Missile interrogates the USB system to find which is present, and loads the correct drivers automatically, which should simplify installation as much as possible for you.

If you install this programme in your Apps folder, you should find that it will start automatically whenever a missile launcher is plugged in. You will also find that it quits automatically whenever you click on a button but the missile is unplugged, so don't be surprised if you try to run it when there isn't a missile and find it doesn't run!

If your computer runs the Castle stack, you will need FilerHRun, which can currently be found at http://www.zen22994.zen.co.uk/musus/miscfw.htm Make sure to install FilerHRun where the author suggests.

The rest of it should speak for itself! One curious thing is that the left and right movements encompass 180 degrees, and one click on the arrows isn't enough to go all the way. You can keep clicking.

!Missile is freeware, and is released under the GPL. This means that you are free, not only to use it, but to alter it if you wish. Please consult the file "gpl" inside the application, which details the terms of the license.

You can download !Missile here.

Revision history

0.01 2009 November 5 First issue for two missile types and both USB stacks

0.02 2012 August 27 Contact details updated

Page last updated 2012 August 27