The FileComp application compares two files. It is really aimed at checking files that should be identical; it tests very fast, but does not analyse the differences. It multi-tasks very well.


FileComp is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence, Version 2, a copy of which is supplied in the archive.


Drag the contents of the archive to somewhere convenient. The Apps dir will do as well as anywhere else.


There is nothing to configure.


Run the FileComp application by double-clicking it. Its icon arrives on the icon bar, with the state showing as "Idle"; click Select on it to open the main window.

Drag the files to be compared to the "File1:" and "File2:" writable icons.

When you're ready to go, click "Compare". FileComp performs some checks before starting. If the checks succeed, the comparison is on its way, and the icon bar shows the percentage of completion.

When the comparison has completed, the state changes back to "Idle" and the results window opens.

The results

The comparison will fail if:
• either of the file names is missing;
• either is a directory;
• either of the files cannot be opened;
• the files have different lengths.

Otherwise, the window will show "Files are identical" and the time that the comparison took.


You can download FileComp here.

If it goes wrong

Contact me by email as and I will do my best to fix the problem.

Revision history

0.03 2020 March 30 First issue

0.04 2020 April 29 Logging removed (was pointless)

0.05 2020 April 29 Don't crash if the user has specified directories

Page last updated 2020 April 29